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I need to STFU online

Other places online, I mean. Not here, although I've been doing a pretty good job of that lately.

I mean on comment threads anywhere but the very few places I'm actually welcome.

Most places have long since made it clear that unless I am making a joke or providing friendly information, I am unwanted. And usually not even when I am.

Besides, I like to think a bit and check my facts before posting anything of substance, which is contrary to all the laws of comment threads where everything is supposed to be superfast and anything not posted in the first few hours won't ever be seen by much of anyone.

(Friendly information is information which does not interfere with people's preconceptions.)

Obviously, here doesn't count, since I'm welcome pretty much by definition. And those who don't want to hear my crap just shouldn't come here. (Though lots of people can't grasp the last point.)

Where does LJ get their stupid interface tricks from anyway? A cut disappears just because you remove the default text from it before pasting in your own?  And the preview doesn't tell you anything about how the cut version will look.

Damn kids with their intertubes and their presliced cheese food and their Tony Jacquelin glof club sets...

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