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Macafee site advisor annoyanceware.

I like the Mcafee site advisor, or at least the idea of it, but they made a serious effort to lose my business today.

They tried to "upgrade" it without really asking so they could take over all my searching.  And stole extra screen estate without asking, by adding a superfluous search bar.  I'm not using the search bar I have now, and see no reason to.  (I should probably look around to see if I can turn that off too.)  If I want to search I open a new Firefox window which defaults to the Google Advanced search page.  BTW it was the Google search bar that warned me that Mcafee was trying to hijack searches.

Do they have courses for this stuff?  "How to piss off your users 101"?

If they just made it an option I might have considered it.  Unless it was one of those harassment "choices" where they try and hustle you into a decision by getting in the way of doing what you want to do.

And other charming "features" like an "options" button on the Add-on box that doesn't do anything.  And a popup menu that is more interested in hustling you than helping you.

But Google and Yahoo answers help me out with this.  Searched for "search bar" "mcafee site advisor" and on the first page was this:

My thanks to King2day, jebber, Yahoo! Answers and Google..

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